Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kade's first football game. They lost but this was an awesome shot by my dad.

Monday, September 6, 2010

So I am not so good at blogging. I do not have the time. A lot has happened in the year since I have updated this blog. We have moved to North Salt Lake. We love the area and do not want to move at all. The kids started school and are enjoying their new teachers and friends.
Gavin is in first grade. He loves going all day and eating lunch at school.
Poor Aleah is home alone with her dad or myself. She gets bored very quickly. She is starting to potty train finally!! My baby girl will turn 3 in October.
Trae was just ordained to the office of a deacon.
Kade is a spitfire!! He is playing football and is loving every minute of it. He does really well. I believe he is a running back but I could be wrong.
Dan still works for Cream of Weber at night. I work as a medical Assistant at Bryner Clinic but have been off work for 6 weeks due to multiple surgeries. Let's just say I can not wait to be able to return to work. I can not do this stay at home doing nothing while I recover stuff.
Becca Hansen is living with us and we love having her with us. I think we would be lost without her and all her help she provides.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We have finally moved to a nice house in a nice area. The kids enjoy it a lot more.
Trae has started his first year of tackle football and is loving it. Kade it anxiously waiting for soccer to start. Gavin is nervous to start going to "the big school." All the boys are scared to start a new school but they can not wait to meet new friends. Aleah will be the only one home for the day.
Dan still works at Cream O Weber and I am still at Bryner clinic.

Aleah is the highlight of our Day. However, she has hit her terrible two stage and throws tantrums all the time.

This is Gavin's preschool graduation. He had so much fun with Amy as his teacher. He will miss her and now he is off to elementary school.